How can I rent a car?

You can book in many ways, you can:

Book by Whatsapp

You can send us a message to the number +506 61617710 or with a click here, it will send you the link so you can book within the reach of a click.

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Traveling alone

Traveling alone is an unforgettable and fun-filled experience. Here we share 5 tips that you should know. You can be your own destiny!  On your journey, you will discover a lot about yourself along the way. You enjoy the places you go through much more because your senses are one hundred percent focused on that place. It is not that you stress, but that you enjoy organizing your vacation. The more you know the place you are going to visit, the safer you will feel. Do not limit yourself to live, feel and connect with yourself.

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Why visit Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a country with too many attractions to see and enjoy. It has more than we can imagine: incomparable landscapes, volcanoes, mountains, beaches that are a paradise, and those who visit us know that it is an unforgettable experience.

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We are petfriendly

A very fun experience, we give you some tips that can help you make your trip perfect. Whether you are planning your next vacation, a weekend getaway, or taking your pet to a relative’s home, you should keep the following tips in mind for traveling with your dog by car

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