A very fun experience, we give you some tips that can help you make your trip perfect. Whether you are planning your next vacation, a weekend getaway, or taking your pet to a relative’s home, you should keep the following tips in mind for traveling with your dog by car

Remember that:

There are special belts for dogs that fit the other belt. In this way, the animal will be doubly restrained and, in the event of an accident, it will not move from the place. Like there are seat covers. At Trebol Rent a Car we have everything you need for your rental. Ask about our petfriendly promotions

If it is the first time that you will be traveling with your dog by car, you can raise it with the engine off so that it becomes familiar with the vehicle. If the idea is to go on vacation to a remote place, you can start by taking it for a walk close to your house and at a low speed. Little by little the time that the animal experiences this activity increases more. You can try taking him to places that are fun for him, like the park. This will connect the car with outdoor games

Dogs and cats also get dizzy and suffer from changes in the weather. They must have their space in the car.

They cannot ride in the front passenger seat or on the driver’s lap. It is also not recommended that you go loose in the back seat or in someone’s arms, since the car may make a sudden movement, turn sharply or stop quickly, the canine can crash or hit others.