We invite you to take a trip with us through the Caribbean area, known for its beautiful culture, its delicious cuisine and above all, the beauty of its landscapes, which we will know in this tour of the 3 best beaches in Limón.


One of the best-known beaches in Limón, located in the Cahuita National Park, is one of the treasures of the coast, with a beautiful beach of blue water and abundant wildlife. It is in a fairly active community in the South Caribbean, on a narrow piece of land and has a beautiful coral reef, suitable for snorkelling and small bays that give visitors a lot of privacy. There is no direct vehicle entry to the beach, so you must walk from some of the access areas.

Chiquita Beach

A little crowded paradise, with a very calm sea and an approximate extension of 2 km. A quiet and beautiful destination, although caution must be exercised with currents. Close to where it is located, closer to the center of the coast, there are many lodging and food options.

Blanca Beach

located within the Cahuita National Park and that is only compared in the beauty of its landscape with the other beaches of the Pearl of the Caribbean. It is recognized for being the first marine park in Costa Rica, it measures about 3 kilometers and is home to many coral reefs. Some parts are stronger waves and others as calm as a lagoon.