Between July and October, every year, the coasts of Tortuguero National Park become the scenery of one of the most amazing shows that nature can offer us. Hundreds of Green Turtles are the protagonist of this act when their natural instinct takes them to the shore to look for some warm sand at night to spawn.

Under the moonlight they look for the right spot to put the eggs. Then, with their hind legs they make a hole to get a deep nest where more than 150 eggs are placed and they will be in incubation for 60 days.

Tortuguero National Park, located in the province of Limón, was founded in 1975 and one of their objectives is to protect the Green Turtle that is actually in danger of extinction, because Costa Rica is the most important place for spawn in all the Occidental Hemisphere.

Thousands of tourists, national and foreign, have the privilege to witness the Green Turtle spawn every year through a tour that pretends to raise awareness about the importance of protecting this specie.

But Tortuguero is also a recognized place internationally because of the diverse ecosystem that has where you can find big populations of monkeys, amphibious, birds, fishes, as well as other turtle species that arrive to the park to spawn in different seasons of the year like the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle and the Leatherback Turtle.

There are some volunteering programs for those who wants to live a very unique experience working for the conservation and protection of the Green Turtle and many other animal and vegetal species in this conservation area. To get some information about these volunteering programs you can contact the Volunteers Association for the Service of Protected Areas (ASVO, acronym in Spanish) writing to