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Renting for companies

Get a plan for renting and companies
Offers an excellent option for your company’s collaborators, in a way that makes it easier for us to adapt to this new reality that we live
With our company, you will not have to worry about restricting plates, vehicle maintenance, or roadside assistance in any eventuality
We will gladly work together to give you some relief at this time and handle this situation in a more bearable way since together we will move forward
I gladly present the options to you;
1. Rent to Companies that require the use of vehicles to transport their products or services to any destination without having to limit themselves to unrestricted days
2. In cases where the rents last for more than 2 years, the client will have the option to buy the rental vehicle at a discount price.
3. The Company may make the extension on vehicle use by means of a simple telephone call, to check the availability of the vehicle.
4. Deliveries will be made at home without additional charge (restrictions apply)
5. Possibility of joining TREBOLRENTACAR.COM, to have vehicles at any time of the year at Corporate prices
6. Option to pay the vehicle with a rate of 0 to 6 months or 12 months
7. Our company will make available to our Business Partners the wonderful option to quote and repair your personal vehicle in our Painting or Mechanics workshops and without dispensing with means of transport during the repair process (restrictions apply)
8. Rental plan for sales agents who require a vehicle to opt for a job option
9. Possibility of renting a vehicle without the need for a credit card (restrictions apply)
10. Client may prepay or pay any future income
11. TREBOL RENTACAR.COM, will notify its clients in advance about promotions and royalties.


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Get car seats or booster

Safety comes first at Trebol Rent a Car.

Get benefits on your rents, have booster and free car seats on rentals from one week. This promotion also applies to renting.


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We accept CASH

We facilitate the process, we accept cash to pay your rent.

In Trebol Rent a Car we accept the payment of the rent in cash or with your card
We want your rent to be as easy as possible.


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What SUV mean?

SUV means Sport Utility Vehicle. Are spacious, off-road-looking cars. With a 2021 SUV option like the Suzuki S Presso (mini SUV), the new Hyundai Creta, or a bigger option like the Nissan X Trail you can access any part of the country just like with a 4×4, you can also visit our blog about some places to visit.


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Renting… I want know more

Long-term rentals, with the best vehicle for you, according to your needs, at the best price, during which you can enjoy a new vehicle by paying a monthly fee.
From one month to years, fixed rate for the entire period, so it represents a great economic saving, and that includes maintenance.
Whether for your business, long-term vacation Renting for everyone, adapts to your needs.


Have all the benefits, we add to your renting booster, Child Car Seat, GPS and basic insurance

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Season for turtle nesting in Tortuguero

Between July and October, every year, the coasts of Tortuguero National Park become the scenery of one of the most amazing shows that nature can offer us. Hundreds of Green Turtles are the protagonist of this act when their natural instinct takes them to the shore to look for some warm sand at night to spawn.

Under the moonlight they look for the right spot to put the eggs. Then, with their hind legs they make a hole to get a deep nest where more than 150 eggs are placed and they will be in incubation for 60 days.

Tortuguero National Park, located in the province of Limón, was founded in 1975 and one of their objectives is to protect the Green Turtle that is actually in danger of extinction, because Costa Rica is the most important place for spawn in all the Occidental Hemisphere.

Thousands of tourists, national and foreign, have the privilege to witness the Green Turtle spawn every year through a tour that pretends to raise awareness about the importance of protecting this specie.

But Tortuguero is also a recognized place internationally because of the diverse ecosystem that has where you can find big populations of monkeys, amphibious, birds, fishes, as well as other turtle species that arrive to the park to spawn in different seasons of the year like the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle and the Leatherback Turtle.

There are some volunteering programs for those who wants to live a very unique experience working for the conservation and protection of the Green Turtle and many other animal and vegetal species in this conservation area. To get some information about these volunteering programs you can contact the Volunteers Association for the Service of Protected Areas (ASVO, acronym in Spanish) writing to
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Green Season

If you are planning your vacations in the months of September and October, this offer is for you.
Enjoy more days of rent for the same price, and you have these options:

Rental week

Enjoy a week’s rent, pay 5 days and we give you 2 days for FREE.


Weekend Rental

Enjoy 3 days and only pay 2.

This offer applies to all cars, book now online

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Why choose Costa Rica?

Costa Rica includes tropical forests, coasts in the Caribbean and the Pacific, beautiful tropical beaches.

If you visit the Caribbean, it stands out for its variety of aquatic ecosystems, its black and white sand beaches, ideal for practicing activities focused on nature and the sea, such as surfing, diving in clear waters, enjoying the sun, and the walks along the sea. And the Pacific concentrates large tourist centers and its beaches are preferred for surfing, such as Esterillos, Jacó, Hermosa, Boca Barranca, and the Marino Ballena National Park are just some of the wonders of Costa Rica.

Actually, contains about 5% of the world’s species, Biodiversity can be attributed to the variety of ecosystems within the country. Rainforests, deciduous forests, the Atlantic and Pacific coast, cloud forests, and mangroves are undoubtedly must-see attractions with Trebol Rent a Car

It is one of the few countries in the world without an army and as the Happy Planet Index recognizes, we are the happiest country in the world, we are Pura Vida people.


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How can I rent a car?

Costa Rica offers a great variety of sceneries and touristic destinies that will take your breath away: beaches, mountains, forests, volcanoes, waterfalls, national parks, and many others.

One of the most important advantages of this country is that Costa Rica has a small territory and this allows the tourists to visit several destinies in just some hours. To get more effective and comfortable when you are traveling around these attractions, it is indispensable to have an appropriate vehicle to become your trip an additional experience vacation.

This is some advice you can follow to rent a car in Costa Rica in a safer and easier way:

Analyze different options. In the market there is a great variety of agencies for renting a car, but pay attention to those car rentals that offer you an added value, for example: GPS, cell phone, free mileage, cash payment, free maps, model year cars and others. We remind you that you can have all these offers by consulting us at
Ask about the final price. Many car rentals will offer you a price that initially may seem very attractive, but as soon as the negotiation progresses, the client will realize that the offered price doesn’t include items like travel insurances or mileage and, in consequence, the final price can increase dramatically.
Check the fine print. Before you sign the contract, read it carefully from beginning to end to know every single condition and benefit that you will receive during the service.
Car revision. Before you leave the car rental agency, pay attention to the vehicle details to guarantee it fulfils all the conditions and characteristics that the sales agent offered you. It is very important to check that the car has the basic equipment to cover emergencies or unforeseen events.

Finally, we recommend you to rent your car online, before you arrive to our country, especially if your visit is programmed for the high season. This will guarantee better prices and the possibility of choosing the car you want, because if you left this transaction to the last minute, you only can chose between the cars that will be available at that moment in the agency.

What do I need to rent a car?

You need a credit card, it can be Visa, Mastercard, American Express or some other, the minimum rental age is 25 years. You need a driver’s license from your country of origin and updated. The daily rate includes the rental of the car for 24 hours, this means at the moment in which the car is taken, at the same time that it is returned.

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