Travel Tips

Travel Tips

1.- Travel in low season.

The prices are more accessible and there are a lot less people. Not all destinations have the same seasons, in Costa Rica the low season would be in the months of September and October (We recommend the green season offer).

2.- Separate your money.

If any eventuality happens, like a robbery, you can be sure that you have not lost anything and you can still continue traveling. You can also separate how much money you plan to spend on food, souvenirs, rent a car, hotel and everything you plan to do. So you avoid spending more than you had planned. Never put all your money in cash in one place.

3.- Scan all your documents.

Passport, birth certificate, national medical insurance and international medical expenses insurance, driver's license, national identification, proof of address, etc. Scan them, save them in your email, send a copy of that email to your parents or someone of trust and also save an additional copy in a USB to have them on hand at all times. Avoiding that you are undocumented in another country.

4.- For the suitcase

Remember that depending on the season you go to the different destinations the weather can be varied, that will become a great help when carrying your suitcase. When starting to pack it is a good idea to put on the bed, and separately, what you will put on each day, so you will not forget anything. If you are looking to reduce luggage, choose shoes or tennis that go with one or more outfits.

5.- Smile always

Be always polite, do not forget the basic principles, be humble and gentle always, with a good attitude everything will be better and you will have better experiences, remember that you are on vacation and enjoy the most. Be always a better version of you and take this everywhere.