Explore the wonders of Costa Rica

Explore the wonders of Costa Rica

Trebol Rent a Car offers you the best activities so you can enjoy your destination to the fullest. You can visit museums, national parks, or just take a walk in any of these options.

If you like history, explore and learn about culture, these options you will definitely love:

- Jade Museum and the pre-Columbian culture

This museum is positioned as a novel cultural proposal in the protection and conservation of archaeological heritage in Central America.
A five-story building built specially to house the museum where more than 7,000 objects made by specialized craftsmen of the pre-Columbian era are exhibited. If you like history, explore and learn about culture, this museum will definitely love you.

- Diquis Spheres

It is a group of pre-Columbian petroespheres, declared a World Heritage Site, found mainly in the southern area of ??Costa Rica, near the plain of the delta of the Diquís River, on Isla del Caño and on the Osa Peninsula. As a whole, the spheres are considered unique in the world by their number, size, perfection, formation of organized schemes and abstraction alien to natural models.

They have a lot of value since at that time they did not have technological and social means and they are of great difficulty at present. However, the spheres are practically perfect shape measuring from a few centimeters to 2.6 meters in diameter. They are from the 400/500 AD that was when they were created and used until the arrival of the Spanish conquest, some 1000 years later.

If yours is the flora and fauna we have the ideal destinations:

-Parque Nacional Los Quetzales

Located in the Talamanca mountain range, this National Park extends along the Savegre River and covers 3 forests and the entire ecosystem of the country, so it can be said that it is one of the places with the greatest biodiversity.
But what characterizes this park is the abundance of Quetzales, the mythical bird of shimmering emerald green, as well as hummingbirds, pumas, cute lazy, squirrel monkeys ...
In the park besides admiring its nature, you can participate in it practicing adventure sports such as rafting.

- Celeste River

The Celeste River is one of the main attractions of Costa Rica. Located inside the Tenorio Volcano National Park, your visit is almost obligatory. Being located in a volcanic zone, the chemical elements present make the water take on that celestial color that gives it its name. The river is covered walking and during the walk you can visit a waterfall, a viewpoint from which you can see the volcano, a "bubbling" pond due to the gases that leave the earth, the place where the water is dyed, and a small pool of hot water in which we can bathe. It is a challenge that you can not miss, to enjoy an experience like this you need a high car, which you can find in our Cars section.

If you want to disconnect and go hiking in nature:

-Cerro Pelado

It is in a group of mountains of volcanic origin, with a landscape of another planet, where the Ventolero is the closest thing to a free fall with his feet on the ground.

-Cataratas de Nauyaca

Hidden between the mountains of the Central Pacific are the waterfalls of Nauyaca, two impressive waterfalls that added have a height of 60m, making them an excellent option for adventure.